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University Campus Suffolk April 2015 How to Win Customers and Gain Sales:

1 Examining your skills and exploring what could be possible regarding starting your own business. 2. How can you turn your product or service into sales/earnings? 3 Is it viable and sustainable?

How could you turn your knowledge product/services into sales/earnings/making your living? What are you selling? Why would people buy from you? Do you have a USP?

What makes people buy? Men/Women

How many people here have ever spent more than they thought they were going to? More than their original budget? Why did you spend more? What made you decide or chose to spend more than you had? What was it about that item/product/service that made it ok for you to overspend on?

Monthly Meeting Suffolk Wedding network

DATE Mon 8th April 2013
TIME 6-8.30 pm
WHERE Arlington’s Ipswich
Contact: Caroline Gould  


Christine Guy Clarke Business Development Trainer, Coach and Mentor

“I challenge you to challenge me!”

Christine Guy Clarke is our speaker tonight. This will be an interactive session  Your opportunityto get sales help and advice for your business. Please bring any sales challenges that you have and Christine will see if the problems that you face can be unravelled – she will work with your real life examples. The session will start with examining what it is you are actually selling – and what the real benefits are for you customer.

Do you find it difficult making that first approach?

Do you hate cold calling? Do you know what to say on the telephone?

Do you know what to ask when face to face?

Do you have a market that you can’t break into?

Have you got prospects you cannot seem to sell to?

Do you have price issues?

Are you constantly dealing with ‘price focussed’ shoppers?

What sort of objections are you getting?

Do you know how to ask for the business? Are you afraid to ask for the business?

Do you get tongue tied when the prospect says no? And not sure what to say?

And how does it make you feel when you get NO thanks?

Finally we’ll discuss the real value of your customers and customer retention for future growth.











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