How I Work

Most business advisors consultants and coaches will leave you knowing what you need to do but not always how you do it.
My work fills in those gaps, for example:

Prospecting and communication:
You may already know that you need to be contacting new prospects, and writing to your existing customers on a regular basis. But what do you write? When should you send it, and when do you follow up? Who is going to advise you on that? How do you know if what you have written is that perfect introductory letter? And what should you be sending to your existing customers?

Telephone calls:
You know that you need to call new prospects to keep your sales pipeline  full. But what are you going to say? How do you get to the right person? And how to you grab their attention to get them interested enough to want to take things to the next level?

What happens when you go on an appointment? Are you asking the right questions – in the right order to get the information you are looking for? Can you put across your ‘pitch’ in a way that your prospect will understand it? Are you able to explain clearly the benefits of doing business with you/your company in a way that makes them want to buy? Can you put across your uniqueness in a way that will make your prospect want to do business with you? What is your uniqueness? If you don’t know then nor does your prospect and you are left just competing with everyone else. How are you going to go about creating your uniqueness when you are so busy trying to survive day to day? What about price? Is it a sticking point? Do you have answers to your most frequently asked objections?

How can you negotiate a win win deal for both parties to form a long lasting and profitable business relationship? Investing in Win More Customers Business Development and Sales Pack will give you all the information knowledge and skill you need to answer all these questions – and the confidence to go out there and ‘win more customers.’

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