I am very grateful to all delegates and clients who have most generously given their feedback from my recent business development, networking skills, and sales training.

Advanced Selling Skills July 2016 “An excellent speaker/trainer. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s training session and found it really refreshing and useful, already am planning to implement some of your tips this morning. With many thanks and best regards.” L Burroughes

Advanced Selling Skills July 2016 “Very knowledgeable trainer and useful information and pitched at appropriate level.” Ruth Lowe

Advanced Selling Skills July 2016 “Great presentation. Interesting and lots of highly relevant information. Excellent presentation techniques and fantastic timekeeping.” Paul Berry

Advanced Selling Skills July 2016 “Another excellent course. The quality and quantity of information provided in an easy and interesting style.” Renee K

Advanced Selling Skills July 2016 “Overall a very interesting course, and the right time and length.” Carol Jones

Advanced Selling Skills July 2016 “Huge amount of actionable information within a short period of time. Revealing and insightful. I wish I had known all this this sooner.” Rob Lawrence

Advanced Selling Skills July 2016 “Good content and customised to attendees.” Oliver Marchant

Advanced Selling Skills July 2016 “Incredible knowledge base to share, looks to have maximum impact and value for attendees. Makes sure everyone’s needs are being met. Very engaging tutor, able to hold interest, so therefore able to retain information given. Clearly can learn so much more from Christine I didn’t want it to end.” Reannon T

Business Networking Made Easy June 2016 “Thank you so much for the advice, it has really changed the way I look at networking and I have been struggling with an elevator pitch for months…perfecting mine now!” Jamie Symons

Business Networking Made Easy June 2016 “Thank you so much for a really enjoyable, informative and interesting morning. I came away with a clearer perspective, not least because I can now develop my elevator pitch, into something meaningful and succinct. Also, I will definitely employ my new found skills at my next networking event. It is so interesting – when asked to prepare a presentation in the past, I would have spent a considerable amount of time researching, and preparing content, and also practising my presentation at home – yet I turn up to networking events with no preparation at all…until now!!” Margaret Gemmell

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell June 2016 “Incredible, I gained so much from Christine who was very focused on giving all the participants the maximum value in terms of sharing knowledge and meeting their needs. I also enjoyed being challenged, and given the time to do exercises and explore” R.T.

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell June 2016 “Really useful course – re-motivated me and reassured me about our sales process” Suzy P

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell June 2016 “Thank you for a great, informative and inspiring workshop yesterday which exceeded my expectations, and included things I hadn’t considered. I now have a much better grasp on how to frame my value proposition” Ruth D

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell June 2016 “Enjoyed listening to other people’s examples and relating it to my own work” E.G.

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell June 2016 “Very informative, covering all aspects of selling including ‘cold calling’. Christine was very knowledgeable and gave great advice which can be used straight away. I enjoyed all the discussions and learning from each other, a very practical session.” D.C.

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell May 2016 “Thank you for the notes you made and the slides. Excellent workshop as usual. It was really good to finally understand what ‘ selling the sizzle’ means. I can now apply that to my business.” Fiona H

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell May 2016 “I really enjoyed the sales training yesterday. It was brilliant and so much information provided! So helpful for me in my new role, thank you” A Manning

Advanced Selling Skills March 2016: “Apart from the learning I really enjoyed the interaction with others and the friendly atmosphere” J Clark

Advanced Selling Skills March 2016 “Excellent knowledge and learning around sales, and how to attract and keep clients. Loved the exercise with different personality types, it was very revealing and fun” Fiona H

Advanced Selling Skills March 2016 “Good to discover ways in which we can improve” AF

Advanced Selling Skills March 2016 “Loads of useful tips for moving my sales forward. Thank you for a fantastic course” Leanne C

Advanced Selling Skills March 2016 “Some specific techniques for lead generation were covered – very helpful.” Izzy I.

Business Networking Made Easy March 2016 “Another great session. All very helpful. Learning the importance of getting the elevator pitch right, and how to make the most of every networking event.” M Smith

Business Networking Made Easy March 2016 “I was able to ‘pitch’ to good effect talking to exhibitors this morning. I also found myself looking at people’s body language more than I would normally do! And I definitely felt more confident putting across our company ‘bit’ so thank you. Thanks again Christine for a really useful and informative course yesterday. I will definitely be recommending it whenever I can.” Tracey S

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell March 2016 “This course showed me how all basic sales learning can be adapted to all different industries and scenarios. It was delivered on a level that was easy to understand. I learnt a lot thank you.” Helen G

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell March 2016 “The course was very clear and precise and has given me good ideas. Thank you”. Michelle H

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell March 2016 “We started at 9.30 and I came into the room feeling I will never be able to sell, and I left a few hours later with the confidence for making sales in the future” Amazing Lorraine K

Advanced Selling Skills October 2015 “I enjoyed learning new aspects I hadn’t considered before, and new ways to approach people” KS

Advanced Selling Skills October 2015 “Enjoyed learning the different personality types, the group work and interactive discussions throughout the course.” Thank you

Advanced Selling Skills October 2015 “Very informative course. Really enjoyed understanding how different people take different approaches and how they match with the buyer’s personality.” Mr D

Advanced Selling Skills October 2015 “Great techniques learnt. Now I can spend time working out better solutions. Really enjoyed the breakout session highlighting the personality types” Richard H

Business Networking Made Easy October 2015 “I recently attended Christine’s training ‘Networking for Business Made Easy.’ I found it incredibly useful both theoretically and practically. I put some of the training into practice at a networking event the following day. I used some of the questions to find out more about the people I was talking to and am following up to arrange a 1 to 1 later this week. Your training made my visit to a networking event feel less like a chat over coffee and more like I was building my business! I am still working on my 5 questions and have been practicing in the car whilst driving! I am now confident with my elevator pitch to explain what I do in a short period of time. This will have a huge impact on my business in the future. So a big thank you! (I have also suggested a couple of people I have met also attend your training!)” Kathy Duffield

Business Networking Made Easy October 2015 “Very helpful workshop, especially on strategy and planning” Karen W

Business Networking Made Easy October 2015 “Feel much more prepared for future events. I enjoyed learning how to present the elevator pitch, in a clear and precise way. I enjoyed the whole course there was so much to learn” Jo G

Business Networking Made Easy October 2015 “Really well presented. Excellent explanations and educational points” Sophie S

Business Networking Made Easy October 2015 “I am now in a better position to network effectively” Ray W

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell September 2015 As I have not really had much to do with sales I found the course really interesting. I found it hard to look away from you in case I missed something. I wanted to just soak as much information into my poor old brain as I could. It’s good to feel inspired again.” Thanks Christine Mr G H

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell September 2015 “Enjoyed the interaction with other participants, and the fact it is interactive and not just being ‘taught’ from slides.” Mr T M

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell September 2015 “I now have the confidence that I can sell, and I enjoyed the open discussions, they were really good” Tessa C

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell September 2015 “Christine was able to put across new concepts and easy ways of working in a very clear manner. I enjoyed the group discussions and the content of the slides” Julie M

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell “BTW you will be proud that your sales training was put to good use and I made history – first new comer in the 22years of the company to reach and exceed target in the first month – 207%.  Still remember my day at Can’t Sell/Won’t Sell thinking I’m no sales person!!!!” Brigette now in SA

Business Development Client Financial Investment Industry “I can’t thank you enough, for the work you are doing and the ongoing help and support. You may even quote this: ‘yours has been the most valuable business support service I’ve ever undertaken, and I have worked with a number of business coaches, advisors and mentors.’ August 2015

Business Networking Made Easy September 2015 “Very helpful workshop. It was great to be able to meet everyone and practise my ‘perfect pitch’. Feel much more confident now” Sarah A

Business Networking Made Easy September 2015 “Networking happened naturally within the group which was really positive. Really enjoyed meeting others who had similar experiences and challenges Full marks all round”. KW

Business Networking Made Easy September 2015 “I most enjoyed learning how to make that initial approach when going to a networking event, and how to prepare a succinct elevator pitch.” Louise B

Advanced Selling Skills June 2015 “Just a quick note to say – I had my meeting and brought up costs and went straight in with my standard hourly rate and they accepted no quibble. If it wasn’t for your advice I probably would have gone in offering some sort of deal and done myself out of the money when I didn’t need to.” Emma Bailey Director EventGems Ltd

Advanced Selling Skills June 2015 “I was unable to supply one customer, however, using your suggestions and my new understanding she came back with a new enquiry. I am confident for a Sale and further Sales as this is for a well-known Shopping Centre!” Helen Ponder Sales & Service Coordinator

“Thank you very much for delivering Can’t Sell Won’t Sell training session today. I came away with more insight into the importance of sales and realising it shouldn’t be as daunting as I have made it out to be or at all difficult. I am grateful that I invested the time and money in the course and it was delivered brilliantly and to the point – so once again thank you.” J W Director April 2015

Thank you so much for yesterday’s sales training. It was so useful and I took so many key nuggets away that were helpful, and especially from the discussions and you elaborating on the slide details. Your presenting style was easy to learn from, and I also liked the honesty that others admitted in understanding things that they previously hadn’t been able to. I’ll certainly be booking again on further courses.” Andrew Chenery Financial Peace UK April 2015

“Christine’s sales training in ‘Can’t Sell Won’t Sell’ was second to none. I came away inspired, excited, energetic and eager to implement all of the brilliant advice. This is by far the best business training I have had so far, I can’t wait to attend ‘Advanced Selling’ with Christine and would happily book on to any training I see her do. Her advice and knowledge is invaluable and I highly recommend her services if you want to excel in your business. Thank you for giving us the boost we needed.” Katie Ives On The Button Social Media March 2015

Bespoke sales training “Christine’s training was excellent.  I have had sales training before and therefore wasn’t really expecting to have any eureka moments but how wrong I was!  It also helped me with some words/set phrases to use in more challenging sales situations which just helps with confidence and has made me feel more comfortable with tackling these”. Karen Woodbridge March 2013

Bespoke sales training “Christine was clear professional and informative and I have  my five most useful tips to take me forward” Jenny Labbett March 2013

“Thanks again for today it has been so helpful and a real confidence boost. I will let you know how things develop when the techniques learnt today are put into practice.” Louise Orford Account Manager Fencor Packaging Group March 2013

Christine’s professional, direct, honest and challenging approach to the Sales course I attended last week was fantastic. She really made me investigate, think, reflect and action her tutoring practices into my current business. Already I am generating positively increased sales and just through a slightly changed mind set. Thank You Christine, you obviously have applied an immense amount of your experiences into a concise and brilliant course.” Juliet Fisher The Highwaymans Bed & Breakfast, Holiday Home & Art Gallery. March 2013

Enjoyed learning different techniques and the basics in selling“ N Edson October 2012

It is some credit that after just a one day session you are able to ensure such a diverse group of individuals are able to take away concrete actions directly relevant to their businesses. Thank you again and I look forward to putting my new found knowledge into practice.” M Lawson October 2012

It was all enjoyable and the sales techniques were tailored to suit our own business ideas” October 2012 N. Weir

Christine was absolutely brilliant – completely changed my expectations of selling – thank you! ” Joy D September 2012

Fantastic day – lots of information, tips and useful discussion. I enjoyed the whole day and can’t wait to get back to start putting my learning into practice “ Lucy F Sept 2012

Enjoyed discussing everyone’s features and turning them into benefits – turning objections into good points“ Lorna R September 2012

“This training has given me a fantastic grounding in basic sales techniques that I am sure will benefit my business. Thank you.” R Dean photgrapher

Really useful day, great advice, many thanks “ Brendan W September 2012

Another excellent informative course with individual input. It gave me real help in selling – and very inspiring. I actually think I could do it now!! “ Mari G September 2012

“An interesting and enjoyable day – Christine was excellent – and we have been given some new tools that will help our business” J Parr
Atlantis Water Softeners June 2012

“Good practical examples provided by course tutor and attendees” Discovered ‘enlightenment’ and new skills! M Slater June 2012

“Good course. Very helpful. Would recommend to others.  Stacey Gilder July 2011

“Huge amount of experience and knowledge condensed into a short time. Plus Christine was able to answer questions in ways that were relevant to me and my business.”  Antony Hurden September 2011

“Helpful info and very well presented. Shame to time flew so quickly!” Judith Atkins September 2011

“Great workshop. Lots of useful information that I will definitely put into practice. Many thanks” Claudia Parrino September 2011

“Really useful course – to the point and relevant to all.”  Susan Kimber September 2011

“This workshop was absolutely brilliant. Everything was explained incredibly well. It’s the best course I have done. It was so informative. Thank you!”  Jasmine Holmes September 2011

“Coming from a background of no sales experience I found this course invaluable, giving me an insight into the areas I need to gets to grips with. This course was very helpful.” Brian Soper November 2011

“A number of substantial pointers to help me improve my business.”  Tom Castell November 2011

“Excellent content, insights and tips” Keith Mizon November 2011

“I saw a new customer on Saturday and went over your/my notes beforehand. I changed my presentation – that threw me and made me follow the workshop notes. As a result – the customer booked me on the spot. I felt a lot more comfortable as well. Thank you – you have helped me move on from an area that had held me back a long time.” Jamie David More Than Paws pet photography March 2012

“Thank you very much for the strength and direction of your advice. It was a pity I hadn’t had this advantage before I started the Sales and marketing contract earlier this year. Many thanks again.”  Andrew Lees – Ocean Blue Interim Solutions (OBIS) Ltd

“I had a very good response yesterday after your sales training and gained 12 serious leads! As an example one lady didn’t have much of a need for her business but after chatting with her she will put me in touch with 2 charities, a University, a Rugby club and a Football club what a result! Thank you for your help and inspiration.” Peter Harvey – Profile Clothing

“I attended Christine’s sales training workshop and found it really helpful.  She demystified the sales process and gave me a better understanding of the emotions behind buying and selling.  As a result, I felt more confident about actively seeking telephone sales opportunities and over the last five months I have made at least one sale per call.  This has contributed to my increasing my turnover by 50% this financial year – something I feel very proud of in these difficult times!” Caroline Putus – FANM

“I know where to grow my business now – which areas to target that I’m weak on at the moment. This is the third course I’ve been on with Christine and they have all helped me enormously. Thank You.” Wendy Charles

“Thank YOU for delivering today’s excellent business development workshop. It was just the boost I needed at the moment; it made me realise that I am doing many things correctly but it also helped me focus on what I need to be doing differently to take my business to the next level.” Pavlenka Small – Small Steps to Success

“Christine was an extremely helpful and knowledgeable tutor. She helped to extract very powerful information about my company which I can now exploit. Very pleased to have taken part.”  Ross Sheldrake – Progressive Engineering Solutions

“Christine was clear and concise and her sense of humour kept us all keen for more.” Tom Staddon

“Really good to meet you Christine and thank you for your help, I really enjoyed the day and found the content useful.” Michelle Griffiths – @Work Recruitment

“The workshop was excellent and exceeded my expectations in content, relevance and delivery.  What worked particularly well was audience engagement and encouragement of the students to find their own solutions to their issues using open questions and thought provoking scenarios.  Students responded very well and weak solutions and arguments were challenged objectively.  The workshop provided a tremendous foundation from which to build a business and, as expected, raised a number of questions that we must now go away and address.”  David Toombs

“Thanks for your time Christine – I found the workshop very helpful as it de-mystified the art of selling for me, so glad you were able to get me onto it.”  Kim Brown

“It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for a very enjoyable day. I found the workshop to be very useful, informative and confidence building. I will definitely be recommending your course to people I meet.” Daniel King Plain Sailing IT Support

“Thank you so much for the course today it really did help me!” Kind regards Andrew Rowdon Travel

“On behalf of the team at Menta I would like to thank you for running your Growing Your Business – how to move forward course yesterday. As always with your courses we received some very positive feedback” Many thanks Pearl Dyson MENTA

“Thank You!  You refreshed my mind and helped me refocus on the priorities. A very worthwhile day – and before you ask – yes you can quote me!” Rosemary Cooper-Clark High Flying Divas

“Very useful day. Thought provoking and also moments of inspiration. Having become very stale in business over the last year, I feel very much more positive and determined to address certain issues.” John O’Riordan Radius Marketing

“Very Impressed. Certainly challenging and gives you something to take away at the end of the day.” Angela Hayward

“A very thought provoking workshop. Many thanks Christine for a stimulating event and helping to develop our USP and guarantee.”  Kevin Barber Best of Ipswich


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