Simple Sales Success

Whatever business you are in, you are selling something. Knowing your customers and connecting with them is the best way to enhance sales, and as always the simple things are the most powerful!

Ask your self this: How often do you contact your customers? Keep in touch with your customers? Let them know that you care about them? Let them know that you are grateful for their hard earned cash?

The very same customers that have bought from you time and time again, that have enabled you to carry on being in business, and that have helped you pay your bills. Wouldn’t you WANT to keep in touch with those people?

It is said that if you don’t keep in touch with your customers every 90 days, then they are no longer your customer. How many times have you received a ‘thank you for your business card’ – from someone you do business with? Or a reminder that you are a valued customer? Or a special invitation to come and use their services again? Or even a simple ‘We are still here offering you an even better service than before?’

Sounds too easy? Check out Joe Girard, the most successful car sales person in the world. He used simple tactics and sent cards to all his customers – Regularly. Guess what? When they needed to replace their car, who was their first choice of contact? The friendly man who sent regular greeting cards and who really cares about them!  Friendly Joe Girard.

Why re-invent the wheel? Use tried and tested methods that work, see for yourself, and prepare to be amazed! The most important data you have in your business is you customers, keep it up to date, and ‘speak to them’ as often as you can.

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