Ten Top Sales Tips for Successful Selling

  1. Be confident or act as if you are. If you think you can you will if you think you can’t you won’t.
  2. Target known industries where you have some knowledge or have had some experience first. Check out their internet site, their marketing, their team etc and understand as much about their business beforehand as possible. Don’t be afraid to pick up the telephone to similar organizations and ask some questions. What do they need from a company who supply the service or product that you supply? Put yourself in their shoes and try to pre-empt what might be important to them
  3. Prepare prepare prepare. Plan your approach and how you are going to conduct the appointment and know your objective.
  4. Know your products – what problem does it solve? What will your customer be able to do better/more easily etc once they have invested in your product or service?
  5. Ask good open questions – open questions. Starting with the famous Who What Where Why When and How. Selling about knowing the right questions to ask so that you can identify  a need- without which you have no sale. Open questions will do that. You must also find out which need is the most important factor for them.
  6. Always tell stories (Facts tell and stories sell) about customers you have helped, people relate to and remember stories and because they are authentic they have huge impact. You will have loads of stories so just remember how valuable they really are..
  7. Understand the real benefits of what it is you are offering. Benefits are more important to the client than anything else. People don’t buy into the features of your product they buy the benefits – put simply what will it do for me? Real benefits are usually saving time, saving money or making up time, or making more money, or ‘emotional’ such as feel better, happier, less stress, no more hassle, be more healthy, live longer, look younger, etc
  8. Sell on value not price. People don’t buy on price they buy on value.  If your prospect says “I can’t afford it” What are they really saying? If price becomes a sticking point, then the prospect really hasn’t understood the value in what you are offering. It’s the prospects way of saying ‘That’s not worth that amount’ or ‘I cannot see the value in charging that sum for that product or service.’ At this point you need to say I understand – it is a lot of money, or Yes your right it is an investment, remember that is does include this this and this, and you did say that you needed this this and this….We all have a price whereby we will pay for something – if we see the value
  9. Remember to ask for the order – learn ways of doing so
  10. Always follow up, and always get back when you say you will. Sounds obvious, but many sales negotiations fall down simply because the salesperson forgets or thinks it doesn’t matter if the quote is a day late, or thinks they won’t buy anyway so what’s the point. It may not be the sale of the century just now, but losing a prospect’s respect cannot be regained easily. Every customer is vital to the growth of your business.
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