5 Reasons to keep marketing

1. If you want to keep customers you must refresh your uniqueness. Remind
yourself then remind your customers. They will not remember why they came to
you in the first place it’s up to you to remind them or they will spend

2.Plan your ongoing marketing that suits you and your activities. No good making a
plan that you will never stick with. It doesn’t matter if you connect with your
customers weekly, monthly, bi monthly or quarterly just so long as you do

3.Cumulative marketing will bring cumulative rewards. Steady growth is far better than ‘flash in the pan’ response from a marketing campaign that fades as quickly as it was born.

4.Your competitors will still be marketing, so make sure you do

5. Level playing field for all businesses. Whatever downturn you think you have – everyone else does too. Be smarter, keep you name out there – rewards will come.


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