Why do people buy?

Dale Carnegie said when dealing with people you are not dealing with logic but creatures of emotion. People will buy if the investment will help them improve their

· Reputation

· Respect

· Recognition

· Rationality

· Reliability

· Results

And in doing so

· Makes their life easier

· Save them money

· Provide additional profit

· Save them time/make up more time

· Help them in their business life

· Help them feel better – less pain, reduced weight, younger/fitter/happier etc

· Make them more successful (or at least likely to win) – prestige/pride/recognition etc Know your Customer: Understand what is important to them

Most of my prospects feel they are falling short in this area………..Most of my prospects would pick a fight to protect their belief that…..Most of my prospects have no idea how to ….Most of my prospects have the goal to …..Most of my prospects deeply value …….Most of my prospects are terrified that….

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