Gain more sales through effective networking

Gain More Sales through Effective Networking!

Q: Firstly is networking selling? People do business with people they know, (seven touches) therefore it’s important to get a network of contacts, customers’ and prospects who know what exactly it is you do. In Summary: Before you sell anything you have to sell yourself  Secondly – people really need to know what it is you actually do

My Objective is to help you

a)    Establish what you want from your networking – and how you can make it happen

b)    Help you devise a strategy for your networking – you do need a strategy

c)    Help you understand more about your business so that you can put it across in a way that people understand – without ‘pitching’

d)    Develop your networking confidence and success to grow your business – sales!

Establish what you want from your networking ACTION PLAN: Clarify what it is you need from your networking, and the best ways for you do that. Get to know fellow networkers and what it is they do, (book a one to one) and think of how you may be able to help them. Remember to keep good records and notes to help you

Help you devise your own strategy ACTION PLAN: devise your own strategy – be clear about your networking objectives – and stick to it. Leave every networking meeting with at least 2 action points – 3 if possible for others – Can you get back to them with an article, a contact, another event, an introduction.

Understanding your own business and how to put it across in a way that people understand – without pitching Real Benefits come in three categories. Saving time or making up time, saving money or making money, or the ‘emotional’ benefit such as feel better, look younger, feel healthier, less stress, no hassle, etc

5 Easy to remember questions: Who are your customers? What problems do you solve? How do you do that? What will they then be able to do? How do they benefit? Your introduction should answer these 5 questions

Answered here within your introduction
I/we work with people/businesses………..

Who have a problem with……………….

What we do is………………

So That……………….advantage

Which means that…………………..benefit

ACTION PLAN:  Learn these five questions and understand the real benefits of what you do Then you can expand and incorporate some stories:

Explain your USP and how your offering is different/ better/ more value etc than others
If you haven’t got one – then get one. Tell a story and Use a simple case study of someone you have helped

  • Tell a story about how your customers have benefitted from working with you
  • Tell a story by describing  how you work with your customers
  • Tell a story about your biggest and smallest customers
  • Tell a story about how or why you started
  • Tell a story about what you are needing at the moment and why
  • Tell a story about any special success stories you have
  • Tell a story about the exact kind of customer that would make your business fly
  • Tell a story about why people like dealing with you

Your Benefit: Networking in this way will develop your own confidence, in a way that will attract more recommendations and reciprocal networking introductions which inevitably results in business leads REMEMBER: Maintaining your contacts and maximise information from them. Use social media/CRM whatever is right for you and your business Summary:

  1. Establish what you want from your networking
  2. Create a strategy
  3. Have one to ones
  4. Ask and answer the five great questions
  5. Explain the real benefits of what it is you do
  6. Highlight your uniqueness
  7. Tell great stories /and use testimonials
  8. Do as much as you can for others
  9. Enjoy your networking – it will pay you back in spades if done correctly
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