What has happened to professionalism?

What has happened to professionalism? How about using an old fashioned respectful approach with an appropriate dialogue and mutual proposition benefits? We are all bombarded with endless scammers and telephone intrusions trying to do what? Sell us something? Really? Does anyone actually purchase anything from a cold caller? I have yet to meet anyone. Definitions of Professionalism –
Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition, Oxford, UK, Clarendon Press, 1989.‘The occupation which one professes to be skilled in and to follow a. A vocation in which a professed knowledge of some department of learning or science is used in its application to the affairs of others or in the practice of an art founded upon it b. in a wider sense, any calling or occupation by which a person habitually earns his living.’

Another definition: the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism

Professionalism in the practical sense B2B

  • Pre frame all meetings properly – what to expect, length of appt, and whether you
    expect a decision that day etc
  • Always be on time – call if not able
  • Dress accordingly
  • Know your products
  • Know the benefits
  • Establish real need – without which you have no sale
  • Build rapport, be respectful
  • Get testimonials
  • Always do what you say you will – more information, call next week, write a letter etc

Customer retention It costs at least 6 times more to sell to new customers than your existing ones So, to keep your customers:

  • Always follow up
  • Keep your customers informed
  • After every 90 days unless you have made contact they are no longer your customer!
  • Say thank you – send a card if appropriate
  • Be reliable
  • Be consistent
  • Remind customers how much you value them
  • Ask for referrals

Summary found on an internet forum (No name mentioned) Professionalism does not tolerate disrespect to others – the sign of true professionalism is knowing how to
handle the worst-case scenario, whether it be with a client, teacher or student, or even family or friends. Under the most extreme stress and pressure, true professionalism always shines through. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
is a good mantra for the concept of professionalism.


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